Valuex Group is a business development firm based in Santiago, Chile. We work for executable strategy, operations, technology, knowledge management, workforce planning and human capital advisory services. We are built around integrated core capabilities – people, process, and technology and industry expertise – the key capabilities needed to help clients develop markets in Latin America.

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Sergio Quilodran

Francisco Quilodran
Business Development Manager

Gonzalo Rojas
Technical Manager

Storage Control Systems

We have the authorized representation of Storage control systems, a company specializing in advanced technology in controlled atmosphere rooms.
Safepod is being market in Chile Now!

Micropsia Games

In The Watchmaker, a puzzle-adventure game, set in a steampunk world of giant clock mechanisms where time has gone mad. Join Alexander on his journey through the clock tower, full of enormous gears and mechanisms, where the collapse of time itself has begun. His precious clock has been sabotaged causing Alexander’s natural aging process to be greatly speed up. With time now being so precious, he needs to step in and restore its natural flow. Instead of collecting medkits, he must gather time to prevent him from dying of old age within minutes. With many puzzles and enemies standing in his way Alexander needs to make good use of his ability to manipulate time in order to unravel the mysteries
of the clock tower.

What is Safepod?

Storage Control Systems, Inc. has developed an entirely new way to test your storage process, the SafePod. This patented system creates a chamber comprised of representative samples of fruit inside a larger CA storage, allowing the operator to test for the low...