About Us


Shared success, collaboration and openness are core tenets of our culture and our philosophical approach to business, and they guide all of our interactions. We believe our strong relationships with management are fundamental to our success.


Our team have a long track record of building companies in Chile and Latin America across a broad range of industries. Navigating organizations through change in LatinAmerican markets can be difficult; we have made that journey many times and recognize the time, resources and perseverance required to be successful. We draw on that experience to tailor workable solutions based on the unique needs of each situation.


We design business solutions to fit the unique needs of each situation. In some cases, this requires non-traditional approaches to meet the often divergent objectives of all the constituents involved – including sellers, ongoing owners, co-investors and management teams. We welcome these transactions and we believe we possess the experience, skill, creativity, and care to successfully complete them

Our Culture

Our culture demands collaboration, integrity, transparency, and a passion for results. We take pride in being straightforward, value-added partners. We promise quick, thoughtful, and direct communication and feedback.


Sergio Quilodrán


Accountant, 40 years of experiencie in managing companies, SC Johnson and son, Pace International LLC and Valent Biosciences.

Francisco Quilodrán

Business Development Manager

Business & Administration Degree, Master of Science in Marketing, 8 years of experience working in private companies and government institutions, Unilever, ProChile.

Gonzalo Rojas

Technical Manager

Agricultural engineer, 8 years of experience adivisign agricultural companies.




Cristobal Bermeosolo 

Legal, Advisor

Juan Pablo Vera 

IT, AI Advisor

Miguel San Martín

Digital, UX Advisor